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Eat out, stay in - places to eat around Seaside Lodge

Lincolnshire's full of lovely grub, the rich and fertile land means the area produces many foodie favourites. There are some good places to eat and buy local produce near Seaside Lodge too, if you look at our map, we've listed some of our favourites, and we'll keep adding to it as we sample them. We'd love to add your favourites too.

When you arrive at Seaside Lodge, there'll be a complementary welcome pack with selected Lincolnshire foodie treats for your arrival. And, if you'd like, we can arrange for Chilled Prosecco and a sharing platter of meats, cheeses, olives and nibbles in the fridge, from our friends at The Fat Seagull up the road, for a supplementary charge.

Local Specialities

Lincolnshire Sausage with sage rather than the more peppery flavour balance found in other regional English bangers.
Lincolnshire Haslet - a kind of pork meatloaf made with stale white bread, ground pork, sage, salt and black pepper. Best served cold with pickles and salad or in a butty.
Grantham Gingerbread biscuits - the town is known for its gingerbread biscuits and the tradition is said to date back to 1740.
Stuffed Chine - salt pork filled with parsley. Preserved in brine, then deeply scored. Chopped herbs are then stuffed into the cuts and simmered slowly. Served sliced cold and showing the contrasting stripes of pink and green.
Lincolnshire Plum bread - traditional Lincolnshire treat for breakfast or tea. Stuffed with dried fruit or raisins, and totally yummy.
Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese - award winning, hand made cheese, made nearby. Slow-maturing, taking 12-24 months to develop, with a smooth texture and a strong taste.
Cote Hill Cheese - the only soft cheese made in Lincolnshire. Winner of a Gold for their Cote Hill Blue at the British Cheese Awards.
Batemans Brewery - Craft brewer based just a few miles away. Brewery tours, a bar and shop selling a range of ales, including the popular Batemans Triple XB (XXXB) Bitter, and specialist ales like their Black Pepper.

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